456 Mile Project – 1974 Honda CL360

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Post Listing Update: This CL360 did not get any interest at the opening bid of $2,450. It was relisted for $1,995 with the same result.

In the crazy 70s, a huge battle was going on for the mid-size engine segment. The majority of Japanese makers even had two models to create an “inner” competition. For example, Kawasaki had the KZ400 twin and the S3 400cc triple and Suzuki had the TS400 and GT380. Being successful with their 350cc twin, Honda decided to upgrade not only the size of the engine but also the bike itself. To that extent, they developed a 360cc engine and implemented it on three bikes presented in 1974: the CL street scrambler, the CB and the CB/G, two kinds of “regular” street bikes.

From the 350 to the 360 there was actually a real difference. Indeed, the “350” actually displaced 325cc whereas the 360 was at 356cc thanks to an increase of 2mm on the bore. However, Honda chose to detune the engine, which led to a slightly lower hp rating compared to the 350 (but better torque). The bike also became easier to work on to please riders that could not necessarily pay professionals to maintain the bike. A sixth gear was added, which was criticized by riders considering that the gears were now too close to each other. The whole chassis was also modified with a new tubular frame and a single downtube. The CL was the “scrambler” model featuring upswept exhaust and drum brakes. Read more information about the CL here on Rider Magazine.

The CL360 (VIN: CL3601008642) featured in this article is in remarkable condition showing 456 original miles. The bike is all original and has never been restored. It is sold as a restoration project, needing a little TLC and an inner tube for the front tire. Other than that, the top end of the motor was rebuilt and it has a new timing chain, all with OEM Honda parts. The tank has been cleaned and sealed, the carbs have been cleaned, and the original exhaust pipes seem to be in great condition.

Find this CL360 in Rockwood, Michigan for sale with a starting bid of $2,450

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