50 Miles a Year – 2001 BMW F650GS Dakar

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Post Sale Update – this BMW F650GS has sold for $4,100.

The BMW F650GS was the first single-cylinder BMW made since the 1960s and the first chain driven bike from the Motorrad. One of BMWs best-selling bikes, it was a dual-sport that was offered in 3 flavors – standard, lowered, and the Dakar. The Dakar, featured here today, was a taller, more off-road oriented version named, of course, after the Paris Dakar rally.

BMW F650GS - 1

The F650GS separated itself from the multitude of Japanese competition at the time with features like fuel injection, a Nikasil-lined cylinder, and ABS. The 650cc engine was designed by Rotax – but make sure you pay attention – later models had engines assembled in China, and if you believe the murky world of internet forums, there are slightly higher failure rates in this years.

BMW F650GS - 2

Though the Dakar came with certain off-road specific features, and 50 horsepower, the wet weight of 423 pounds keep the BMW F650GS from getting too crazy off the pavement. With that said, this bike is easier to handle than its R-series brother, and many people have taken this bike on incredible journeys over terrible roads.

BMW F650GS - 3

This specific BMW F650GS has only 4,000 miles, yielding an average of just over 50 miles a year. Only 1,000 miles have been put on this bike since 2004. While low mileage is great, having 1,000 miles over a decade is a cause for concern, and you’ll want to make sure that gaskets and other consumables are still in good shape. The owner has service records which should help with your confidence. These Rotax engines are incredibly reliable, and this bike (which is pretty much stock) should be ready for several more years of service. Hopefully it finds a new owner willing to get it dirty and put more than 50 miles a year on it!

BMW F650GS - 4

Find this BMW F650GS here on ADVRider for $4,800 near Waco, Texas.