63 Miles – 1979 Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special

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Post Listing Update: This RD400F did not meet reserve despite 23 bids up to $9,622 in Aliso Viejo, California.

The last in the long line of Yamaha’s RD series, the RD400F (also known as the Daytona Special) is considered by many to be the best of the model line. The press went nuts for it – Cycle magazine called it “Dennis the Menace on Yokohama tires, and…the most fun street motorcycle currently available for sale.”

Compared to the RD350, the extra 50 cc brought a lot more civility. The engine was more flexible, though you could still easily wheelie the bike in 2nd gear, and though the frame was stiff, it was more comfortable to ride. It was really was the perfect example of how the RD series had evolved from a hooligan’s toy into a more refined, but still enjoyable, sportbike.

This example (VIN: 2VO-003536) has just 63 miles, having been “tucked away in storage for most of its 40 years.” The seller notes that it’s entirely original with the except of the tires – “the age-checked Yokohama tires replaced with classic-pattern Heidenaus, though the originals are included in the sale.” As it has been on display for so long, you should budget for the usual recommissioning items like a new battery, oil change, and carb clean.

Find this RD400F for sale in Aliso Viejo, California with bidding up to $9,422 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay.

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