905 Miles – 1983 Ducati 900 MHR

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Post Listing Update: Post Listing Update: this MHR did not meet reserve despite 45 bids up to $27,100.

Built to celebrate Mike the Bike’s comeback triumph at the ’78 Isle of Man TT, the Ducati 900 MHR (Mike Hailwood Replica) was initially produced solely for homolgation purposes. As such, just 200 were built in 1979. But demand was so high that Ducati decided to keep production going, and by the end of the run in 1986 the Italian firm had built approximately 7,100 examples – meaning that even though Ducati originally wanted it to be limited production, it ended up being the best selling bevel-drive twin they ever built.

When the MHR originally debuted, it was basically a 900SS in fancy clothing, emulating Hailwood’s bike that had been adorned in the privateer livery of Sports Motor Cycles out of Manchester, England. Ducati themselves have said it was built for “hard-core Ducatisti” as it “was not even fitted with an electric starter.” But just like the average human, as the bike got older, it got softer. By 1985 (the last update to the series), the motor was bored out to 973cc and the model name got changed to MHR Mille as a result. Output numbers went up – 76 horsepower and 62 pound-feet of torque, but it also got Brembo brakes, Conti exhaust, an electric starter, different gauges, folding foot pegs with rubber inserts, adjustable Verlicchi clipons, and more. Between ’85 and ’86, approximately 1,100 MHR Milles were built, and they were the last bevel-drive twins to come from Ducati. For more on the MHR, check out this article on Motorcycle Classics.

This example (VIN: 900R1 906468) is being offered by a friend of Bike-urious who has listed several bikes on this site over the years. Per usual, his listing includes an ample amount of photos that will help you properly assess the cosmetic condition. While Ducati built over 7,000 MHRs, only 687 have electric starts like this bike does. Everything is said to be original, except for the tires. “The fairings have no cracks or damage and have had no paint work. The bike has never been in any type of accident or been dropped at any time.” Everything is said to work, and the carbs have been rebuilt. The seller is selling this (and something else I’ll share with you tomorrow) to fund some new acquisitions for his awesome collection that I had the pleasure of touring once.

Find this MHR for sale in Chicago, Illinois with bidding up to $12,700 and the reserve not yet met

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