A Vision – 1982 Yamaha XZ550

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Post Listing Update: This Vision did not get any interest at the BIN of $2,950. It was relisted at $2,850 with the same result.

While the theme of the late 70s was outright power, the 80s saw OEMs looking to show off their visions off the future of motorcycling. Yamaha’s vision was the XZ550…also known as the Vision!

In addition to a futuristic design, the XZ was equipped with an over square (bore bigger than stroke) longitudinally mounted V-twin engine that attracted the eyes. The pretty interesting 552cc engine was fed by two Mikuni downdraft carburetors, which meant that the airbox was above the carbs, as opposed to “sidedraft” carburetors that had the airbox on the side. This technology inspired by the automotive industry necessitated to dig into the bottom part of the tank to fit the airbox. This notably increased the dimensions of the tank, though it “only” held 4.5 gallon. The XZ was also one of the first Japanese bikes (with the CX500 for example) to get liquid cooling. The very promising bike really had some decent tools and decent specs, but the Vision earned itself a bad reputation thanks to
a fuel delivery issue with the carbs, starters that would loosen themselves or get filled with oil (or both), and electrical issues with the stator and regulator/rectifier, among other things. Despite some improvements for the 1983 model, the bike’s production was stopped and forgotten soon after. Find more information about the Yamaha XZ500 here on MC News.

The XZ (VIN: JYA11H007CA000636) presented here seems to be in good condition, with an odometer showing about 14k miles. Fairings for the ’82 models did not exist, but per the listing it seems like the bike was assembled in 1984 after being bought in the crate, so the assembler could have added the fairing during the build.

Find this XZ550 in Phoenix, Arizona with a BIN of $2,950

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