Abhi Buys a BMW R100CS Last Edition, Part 2 – Making It Mine

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The R100CS Last Edition was sold to me as a runner that didn’t need anything, and this was a rare case where the seller was accurate! I rode it around for a couple of weeks as-is to make sure everything was alright, but in my head I knew the Don Vesco fairing had to go.

How I got it:

So I rolled the bike into the shop and started disassembly. It was a little surreal to be working right next to a Honda NR750.

Turns out it was two NR750s.

First thing to come off was the tank cover.

Thankfully, the tank looked to be in good shape.

Next off was the fairing. It was very easy to undo all the fasteners, but a bit of a pain to actually get the bulky fairing off by myself without having it bump or scratch anything.

Now we’re showing some promise!

The seller of my bike included a NOS OEM bikini fairing, but I was missing the mounting kit. So I asked one of our mechanics (Daniel) if he’d help me change the engine oil/filter as well as the tires while I waited for the kit to arrive from Bob’s BMW – they have been an amazing parts source during my ownership!

A week later and the fairing was on!

I got to a point where the only thing missing was the turn signals, but my impatience got the best of me and I couldn’t wait any longer to start riding it again.

My first ride with the new fairing was quite interesting – losing the Rabid Transit had lightened up the front end quite a bit, making it feel relatively twitchy. The key word is “relatively”, as even with the diet up front it’s still a slow-steering machine. I was also now getting much more wind to my torso, but that’s something I prefer anyway.

When I did the “Making It Mine” post for my Megamoto, it was all about the OEM and aftermarket upgrades I wanted to make. This time around, it’s just about cleaning up some cosmetics as the bike came to me with a tremendous amount of quality upgrades already – “head work by CC Products, including dual plugging; high compression BMW pistons; BMW RS handlebars; dual seat + solo seat with special document pouch; tank bag; Gustaffson windscreen; Parabellum windscreen; stock windscreen; electronic ignition kit; Progressive fork springs; Koni shocks; CC Products triple clamp; BMW hard bags w/two sets of inner liner bags; and an aftermarket side stand. That’s a hell of a list, and it’s one of the reasons I jumped on this bike.

I started commuting with the R100CS regularly, but the first time I had a free Sunday morning I went for my usual run out to Wrightwood:

The R100CS came to me with 86,457 miles – now it’s time to add many more!