Auction Preview – 450 Vintage Motorcycles in Minnesota

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Next Saturday, Arts Parts is auctioning off 450 bikes from the 60s through the 80s. There’s actually going to be two auctions – one for in-person and internet bids and a separate auction of 128 bikes just for internet bidding.

There don’t seem to be many bikes that just need gas and a rider, but there are lots of bikes that won’t require much work. There’s also plenty (about 200) with seized motors, so you may just be going to snap up part donors. The description for the auction just calls it “450 restorable motorcycles.” Most of the bikes are from the Japanese big four, but there’s a few Vespas, Bridgestones, and Zundapps as well.

Here’s the link for in-person and internet bids, but note that there’s a 10% premium for bidding online!

Those of you that can’t make it out to Austin, Minnesota can check out this list for what’s available exclusively to internet bidders.

Happy hunting!