Auction Preview- H&H Classics at National Motorcycle Museum

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In November, H&H Classics is auctioning off a few bikes at the National Motorcycle Museum (here’s a quick picture tour of a day I spent there, if you’re interested).

There are 13 lots so far, here are my 3 favorites:

1. 1998 Ducati 916 Senna III – estimated to sell between $16,600-$19,200. In honor of Ayrton Senna, Ducati released 3 runs of limited edition 916s as a tribute, and all are now incredibly desired by collectors. At the time of original sale, proceeds went to Senna’s charity that supported poverty-stricken children in his home country of Brazil. My personal favorite (aesthetically) was the first run in a dark grey – the second was a light grey and the third was black. There were 300 examples of each series, and this runner has been with the same owner for the last decade.

2. 1967 Bultaco TSS 250 Type 41 – estimated to sell between $32,000-$44,800. The TSS debuted in 1965 as the first 250cc factory production road racer. This TSS was raced by Barry Sheene and Dave Croxford in 1968, then purchased and race dby Briand Richards of BRD Racing in the 70s. It was then sold to the current owner in 1985.

3. 1977 Norton Commando Interstate 850 Mk 3 – estimated to sell between $25,600-$32,000. This one’s pretty crazy – it was originally shipped to a Belgian dealer on September 29th, 1977, and it sat there in the crate until 2010. It’s bounced around a couple of times since but clearly each one of the owners has kept it in delivery condition, which is impressive and maybe a little bit sad. How many Commandos in crates are left?

Here’s a link to all 13. Which one would you take home?