CA Plated – 1992 Yamaha TZR250 RS

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The Yamaha TZR250 was manufactured and sold from 1986 until 1995 in three main iterations exclusively for the Japanese market, never being officially imported to the United States. Born out of the RD250, the model evolved from the more modest parallel twin 250 two stroke of the 2MA and 3MA variants to the 90-degree v-twin 3XV. This 3XV that stands out as it’s a rare example that’s plated and street-legal in the state of California.

Yamaha produced the 3XV in three different trim levels, including the R, the RS (Racing Sport), and the ultra-limited SP (Sport Production). The RS – like the one shown here – featured several upgrades over the base R model, such as a dry clutch and some adjustable suspension. Each trim level was restricted to 45 horsepower to meet Japanese rules of the time.

This example (VIN: 3XV080510) has roughly 12,000 miles and the seller claims that the motor was rebuilt 2,400 miles ago with a new crank, pistons, power valves, bearings, seals, and dry clutch. It has several minor cosmetic issues but if you want one of these with a California plate then you don’t have many options out there.

Find this TZR for sale in Campbell, California with bidding up to $8,700 and no reserve (the auction started at $8k) here on eBay. Hell, you might end up bidding against me!