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Yamaha Power – 2001 MZ Baghira

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Post Sale Update: This Baghira sold for $2,025 after 12 bids on eBay. MZ decided to expand their product line with the introduction of the MZ Baghira, a dual sport with excellent components – bodywork from Acerbis, motor from Yamaha, and suspension from WP. It all combined to make a rare and very satisfying dual purpose motorcycle.

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Beemer Cruiser – 2000 BMW R1200C

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Post-Sale Update: This BMW R1200C sold for a hidden best offer less than $6,250. First shown to the world in the Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, the BMW R1200C was Germany’s attempt at the cruiser market. With very distinctive looks, the R12C survived for 7 years, but BMW decided to kill it as the engine wasn’t very suited to the …

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1992 BMW K1

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12-4 Update: 6 months later, this BMW K1 is back up for sale on ADVRider (registration required), though the price has gone up $250. The BMW K1 was an eccentric variant of the flying brick that was probably more of a styling exercise than anything else. With the running gear from the K100, the most distinctive aspect of the K1 …

Happy Turkey Day!

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I just want to wish all of Bike-urious’ loyal readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll be continuing my Turkey Day transition of taking the weekend off to ride. Last year, I managed to get myself stuck in the sands of Baja. May your riding this weekend be less problematic!

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Beetle Power – 1964 “VMW” Willis 4

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We start off this listing by apologizing for the picture quality, but this bike is just too interesting not to share. In the 1960’s, two men named Jack Pruett and Bruce Butterfield owned a motorcycle dealership named Jack’s in Fresno, California. The two combined forces with a Mr. Willis and built adapters that allowed them to put VW 1600cc 4-cylinder …

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Featured First – 1981 BMW R80GS

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Nowadays, the BMW R/GS series is well-known in the motorcycling world as the bikes that launched the concept of big-bore dual sporting. No small part of that is due to the documentary of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman going the Long Way Round the world on BMW R1150GS Adventures. Hell, we’re guilty of it ourselves – there’s a R1150GS parked …

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1996 MZ Silver Star with Velorex Sidecar

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Post-Sale Update: This Silver Star hack sold for the BIN of $4,500. The MZ Silver Star is an interesting and very rare “classic” styled bike with a 494cc Rotax single cylinder. This thumper produces 34 horsepower, which isn’t tremendous – but it’s only carrying around 322 pounds of bike. MZ has always had a tradition of producing narrow, light motorcycles. …

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Featured First – 1950 BMW R51/2

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Post-listing Update: This BMW R51/2 did not meet reserve at $18,900. Nowadays, BMW is well known for their “R” series of bikes, featuring a boxer engine (where you see opposed cylinders sticking outwards from the engine). All of those bikes can trace their heritage back to the BMW R51/2, BMW’s first post-war boxer. The Allies initially did not allow Germany …

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Turbo Beemer – 1985 BMW K100RS

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Post-Sale Update: After 19 bids on eBay, this BMW K100RS sold for $4,049. The BMW K100RS was widely praised when it was released, though purists were terrified of what a BMW without the boxer engine would be like. The company apparently pulled it off, as the K series (affectionately known as the Flying Brick) instantly won Bike of the Year. …

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Iron Pig – 1967 MZ ES 250 Trophy with Trailer

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11-11 Update: This MZ ES 250 Trophy with Motorkuli Trailer has been relisted after no one bid on it. To be honest, we’re stunned. We know there’s concerns about buying overseas, and that this isn’t the prettiest of bikes, but we figured some collector out there would at least place a bid. Let’s see if the second time is the …

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1 of 100 – 1982 BMW Krauser MKM 1000

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Back in the early 80s, Krauser was the world’s largest manufacturer of detachable luggage for motorcycles, known especially for their bags used on BMWs and Goldwings. Mike Krauser, president of his namesake company, wanted to design a road machine that would be top of the line. The result was an entirely new concept in frame design, and the BMW Krauser …

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Dustbin Works Racer – 1953 NSU Sportmax

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Post-Sale Update: After 26 bids on eBay, this NSU Sportmax sold for $54,100. In the 1950s, NSU was the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer. Possibly the pinnacle of their production was the NSU Sportmax Works Racer, which enable to the company to win the Constructor’s World Championship twice in the 250cc class. The factory race bikes were incredibly expensive, but also …

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1981 Maico 490 Mega 2

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Post-Sale Update: After 25 bids on eBay, this bike sold for $9,210. Flaunting one of the best dirtbike names ever, the Maico 490 Mega 2 was considered by many to be one of the best open class motorcross bikes ever built. Back in the 80s, there was a lot of prestige associated with riding a Maico, but even this was …