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1953 Horex Regina 250

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10/21 Update: This Horex Regina is back up for sale with the same BIN price of $9,500. Those of you that keep tabs on quirky modern bikes might be wondering why the name Horex sounds familiar. A few years ago, Horex was revived after 50 years of slumber with the announcement of a bike powered by a supercharged VR6 engine …

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1974 John Player Norton Commando 850

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Post-Sale Update: After 8 bids on eBay, this John Player Norton Commando 850 sold for $12,625.53. The Norton Commando was a bike that spawned many variants just based on cosmetic differences. The most collectible of these models was the John Player Norton Commando, a distinctive endurance-inspired Norton with unique bodywork surrounding a completely stock Mark 2A Commando. We’ve never thought …

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1 of 1139 – 1995 Buell S2 Thunderbolt Signature Series

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The Buell S2 Thunderbolt Signature Series was the first set of motorcycles produced as a result of the alliance between Buell and Harley-Davidson. Released to the public in 1994 as a ’95 model, the S2 Thunderbolt took visual cues from the Buell 1200RS (the very limited run of bikes Buell made as an independent), and combined with the 1200cc Harley …

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1955 Motobi Ardizio

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Motobi was a cottage Italian manufacturer that lasted for 27 years after being founded in 1950. The initial name was actually Moto ‘B’ Pesaro, which was shortened to Motobi. In ’53, Motobi developed a 200cc horizontal two-stroke engine known affectionately as the ‘egg’ – note the shape in these photos. This cylinder layout and the pressed steel frame became the …

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KTM Duke 620

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KTM has always enjoyed a reputation for making some of the best off-road bikes out there, but in recent years they’ve also taken on the status of a premiere supermoto manufacturer, as well. This all started in the mid 90’s with the Austrian firm’s first stock supermoto, the KTM Duke 620. Featuring the venerable LC4 engine, you’re looking at 55 …

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1974 Rickman Zundapp 125 ISDT

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Established in 1960, Rickman motorcycles initially supplied frame kits built for many British bikes, as companies would not sell engines to them.  At the start of the 70s, Rickman got access to engines from all around the world, and started exporting several small-displacement motocross bikes, many to the United States.  Ranging from 100cc to 250cc in displacement, today we look …

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1990 Honda CB-1

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10/15 Update: This beautiful Honda CB-1 has been relisted here, the BIN price has been removed and bidding is up to $1,375. The Honda CB-1 was a wonderful standard in a time of replica racers. Originally built for the Japanese market, it was a beautifully balanced motorcycle that lost out in an American market that was obsessed with having as …

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1939 DKW SB500

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Post Sale Update – This DKW SB500 finally ended up selling on eBay for $15,925. 10/15 Update – And the price keeps dropping…find it on eBay again with a BIN of $18,500.  We won’t be updating this again. 10/8 Update – This DKW SB500 did not meet reserve at $14,600, so the seller has relisted it here. Bidding is currently …

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2002 Ducati 998S Ben Bostrom Replica – 81/155

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In 2002, Ducati released a limited edition of their beautiful 998 – the distinctive Ben Bostrom Replica.  A total of 310 were built – 155 in the US and 155 in the UK.  Why 155?  That’s the race number Bostrom used in AMA Superbike on his 998S racer.  Every single one was signed on the tank by Ben himself, and …

1974 Norton 850 Commando

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The Norton 850 Commando was one of the most popular motorcycles ever made. For 5 straight years it was “Machine of the Year” in the UK, and even Norton themselves were surprised as the success as the engine was a pre-unit design. This was because money was very tight at the time for Norton, so they instead focused on chassis …