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1969 Bultaco Matador

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About the ’69 Matador, Cycle World said it has the “uncanny ability to change its character from that of gentle trail plodder, to hard-charging racer, to graceful trails mount, to occasional ride-to-work tool.” This example is almost completely restored – just missing some “correct fasteners.”

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1966 Bultaco Metralla Project Bike

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Formed out of the wreckage of the Montesa racing program in 1958, Bultaco was a company organized around producing fast motorcycles. Though they would become best known for their off road products, Bultaco also built some fine street/race machines in their 25 year history. Introduced in 1962 the Metralla was quite possibly the fastest 2 stroke motorcycle on the planet …

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Ad Hoc #24 – 2016 Yamaha XSR700

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David Gonzalez is one of my favorite builders out there right now, thanks to the bikes coming out of his shop called Ad Hoc Cafe Racers. His newest is #24, and it’s now available for sale. Ad Hoc already built a custom XSR in partnership with Yamaha, but I think this one is a better overall package.

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1972 Bultaco Astro 250

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The Astro was Bultaco’s factory flat tracker – ready to race from the dealership floor. Exported solely to the US to satisfy the American obsession with flat track back in the day, it was available in either 250cc (Model 163) or 360cc (Model 164) options. The bike was named after Houston’s Astrodome, which often hosted the opening short dirt track …

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1975 Bultaco Pursang 250 Mk8

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Originally formed in 1959, Bultaco was created primarily by former employees of the Montesa racing department. With time, Bultaco became known for off-road competition bike, and their most popular in the US was the Pursang. Bultaco offered the Pursang in engine sizes ranging from 125cc to 370cc before the first closure of the factory in 1979.

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Repli Racer in Belgium – 1967 Bultaco TSS 350

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Between 1960 and 1970, Bultaco offered a series of road racers called TSS in displacements varying between 125 and 350. According to Mick Walker, when the 125 was released in 1960 it was the first production road race bike to be sold to the public. Near the end of the production run, Bultaco offered a ‘350’ using the new 360 …

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1977 Bultaco Frontera 370

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In 1977, Bultaco had good success in the International Six Days Trail. The US entered a team of three riders on Bultaco hybrids that utilized both Frontera and Pursang parts and all three competitors achieved Gold Medals. Bultaco took what they learned from the competition and quickly revised the production Frontera.

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1997 Montesa Cota 315R

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Every so often I see a trials video, or catch some vintage trials at Barber and I think – I need to try that. I know I will never be a roadracer from my trackday experiences, and motocross/enduro are also pretty much out of the question as it is not a question of whether you will crash, but how much …

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1968 Montesa Scorpion

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Montesa was formed in 1944 under a partnership between Pedro Permanyer and “Paco” Bulto. When Montesa decided (after considerable success) to leave the racing division in 1958 Bulto moved on to form Bultaco. Montesa floundered for several years until it brought out it’s 250 CC single that would form the backbone of the successful Scorpion series. Where Bultaco concentrated on …

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Game Changer – 1970 Bultaco Pursang Model 68

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Bultaco was formed out of the wreckage of Montessa racing in 1958. Within one year they had their first racing win, taking 7 of the first 10 places in the Spanish Grand Prix 125cc class. In 1965 Bultaco completely dominated the Trials specialty with the two stroke Sherpa T, driving several British makers out of the business. In 1965 Bultaco …