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1995 Suzuki Ryca 650 CS-1

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The Suzuki LS650 Savage is a simple, low-powered entry-level cruiser. A Los Angeles based company called Ryca saw a way to spice up the S40, with the Ryca 650 CS-1 kit. It takes a rather ugly semi-Sportster clone and turns it into a lithe cafe racer styled bike with some actual semblance of personality.

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“24K Gold Edition” – 1980 Kawasaki KZ1300

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In a period review, Cycle World called Kawasaki’s KZ1300 “an incredible hulk”, saying “There are motorcycles with more speed, but not with the same combination of power, strength, comfort and handling…the sophistication is incredible, the size is enormous.” Displacement-wise, it was the biggest of the classic six-cylinder motors like the Benelli Sei and the Honda CBX. Like the competition, the …

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XR650R Custom – 2013 Deus “Boodaak”

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10-18-21 Update: Boodaak has found its way over to our auction site – find it with a bit more information and bidding up to $10,069 here on Iconic Motorbike Auctions! It’s not clear from this video, but it’s one of the loudest bikes I’ve encountered: Back in 2013/2014, Deus’ Michael “Woolie” Woolaway built a pair of café’d Honda super singles, …

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CR500-Powered – 2009 KTM 450

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This bike combines a KTM 450 chassis with a Honda CR500 motor, and the seller states that it weighs 225 pounds and makes 70 horsepower at the wheel. Good lord. Plus it’s got a Florida title, because they’ll title anything! He says that “the bike feels flickable in the air yet solid on the ground. It’s the best of old …

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Flathead V8 Power – Honest Charley

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Want 8 cylinder power in a cruiser but think that Boss Hoss bikes are ostentatious and ridiculous? Check out this Honest Charley-branded bike, which features a 60 horsepower Ford flathead! Honest Charley was one of the original speed shops – older readers may remember seeing ads for hop-up Ford parts half a century ago. According to some comments over at …