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Tourist Trophy – 2005 Trigger GoCar TR50

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Post-Sale Update: This Trigger GoCar TR50 sold for $1,156.99 after 24 bids on eBay. Those of you who have had the pleasure of visiting cities with a large tourist presence – especially San Francisco – have probably seen these little “GoCars” which enable renters to take self-guided tours based on GPS coordinates. Some of you may have even wondered what …

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1968 Honda CT90 K0

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The Honda CT90 has an interesting folk tale of a creation story: Honda America’s first sales manager, Jack McCormack (who would go on to create the American Eagle line of bikes) noticed that a Honda dealership in Boise, Idaho was selling more Honda 50cc bikes than all 6 dealerships based in Los Angeles. The Boise dealership had swapped out the …

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1953 MV Agusta 125 Super Sport

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Restored to incredible specifications, this 1953 MV Agusta 125 Super Sport had previously traveled in Italy’s famous Moto Giro. The gas tank has just been sealed, the seat is a custom unit, and you’ll even get the original bill of sale paperwork from over 50 years ago – all very cool. However, this bike has been on eBay a few …

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Mini Cruiser – 1984 Yamaha RX50

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In the 80s, Japanese manufacturers produced several 50cc bikes – though nearly all were in plastics that were reminiscent of sportbikes. Examples previously featured on Bike-urious include the Honda NS50F and Suzuki GSXR50, though the Yamaha YSR50 was one of the most well-known. This bike, the Yamaha RX50, was styled in the opposite spectrum – as the tiniest cruiser that’s …

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Somehow Street Legal – 2004 Honda NSR50

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We’ve featured the NSR50 before – it’s easily the best of the 50cc bikes to come out of Japan in the last couple of decades. What makes this particular example noteworthy is that it’s somehow claimed to be street legal. Seeing as Honda specifically sold these as non street-legal, I assumed that there would be more required than simply slapping …

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1975 Harley-Davidson X-90

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Post-Sale Update: This Harley-Davidson X-90 sold for the BIN price of $2,950. One of the oddballs to come from Harley’s time when they were merged with Aermacchi, the X-90 was a minibike produced for just 3 years. This example is in ‘sparkling red’, and it comes with a fold-down handlebar to make it easier to transport the bike. The ’75 …

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1974 Montesa Cota 123

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An excellent beginner trials bike (some of our readers probably started on one of these), the Montesa Cota 123 is now a simple reminder that bikes don’t have to be giant hunks of metal and horsepower for you to have fun on them. New riders are often stunned by how tiny the original Montesa’s are, likening them to a large …

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1953 Indian Papoose

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Our favorite part of running this site is finding bikes we never knew existed. That trend continues today with the Indian Papoose, a 98cc, 3 hp scooter with a weathershield that got 125 mpg and could hit 35 mph. This Indian Papoose needs a little engine work (and a better photographer), but find it for sale here on eBay with …

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1993 Kawasaki KSR 50

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Post Sale Update: After 21 bids on eBay, this KSR sold for $630.01. This might actually be one of the rarest Kawi’s in the US right now. They never made a 50cc version to compete with the other Japanese streetbikes of the 80s, but here’s an imported mini supermoto that’s hard to find in the US. It has some needs, …

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1968 Puch Sabre

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Post-Sale Update: After 27 bids on eBay, this Puch Sabre sold for $959. Manufactured for Sears by Puch, the Puch Sabre is technically a motorcycle, though it was marketed as a moped. This European beauty features one of the more interesting-looking engines we’ve ever seen.

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1969 Italjet Vampire 50

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12-1 Update: The seller of this bike is now trying an auction instead of a BIN. Find this Italjet Vampire back on eBay with an opening bid of $3,500. Italjet is a (surprise) Italian manufacturer of small motorcycles founded in 1959 by Leopoldo Tartarini. A pilot by trade, Tartarini ended up completing a 60,000 km trip around the world on …