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1930 Harley-Davidson Model C

In America, Cruiser, Vintage by Tom Wacker1 Comment

The big news for 2014 from Harley Davidson was the addition of a 500cc and 750cc ‘lighter version’ to the HD lineup. It presents a low entry level price point for the HD experience. But the 2014 500cc Harley Davidson wasn’t anywhere near the first. In 1929 Harley introduced the Model C, a 500cc (30.5 cid) flathead single. The model …

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1935 Rudge Tourist 250

In England, Vintage by Abhi

Founded in 1894 through the merger of two bicycle makers, Rudge-Whitworth moved into motorcycle production in 1911. They made a name for themselves with some technological innovations (such as the Multi gear system which allowed for 21 speeds) and some racing success.

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1907 Marsh-Metz

In America, Vintage by AbhiLeave a Comment

One of the founders of Waltham Manufacturing Company, Charles Herman Metz, ended up leaving to form the Metz Motorcycle Company in 1902. Fast forward to 1905, and he had merged with the Marsh brothers to create the American Motorcycle Company, which put out the Marsh-Metz motorcycle.

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Ending Soon – 1938 Moto Scoot Model B

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In 1936, Normal Siegel created Moto Scoot with all of his assets and three employees. When Siegel served in the Amry for WWII, the company was taken over by financiers in Chicago who changed the name to American Moto Scoot. It would go on to be the nation’s most popular scooter for a few years, bigger than Cushman or Salisbury.

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Ending Soon – 1940 BMW R12

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Until the R75/5 was introduced, the R12 was BMW’s most popular motorcycle. Almost 30k were made, 2/3rds for civilians and the rest for the Wehrmacht. Here’s an example of the latter, claimed to have been delivered to the Waffen-SS. Because of this, it’s apparently a civilian model that was used by the military – and the seller says he has …

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1927 BMW R42

In Germany, Standard, Vintage by Abhi5 Comments

Post-Listing Update: This R42 did not meet reserve with bidding up to $32,756 on eBay. Packing a 494cc boxer twin that put out 12 horsepower, the BMW R42 was introduced in 1926, 3 years later after the R32 (the granddaddy of BMW boxers). The R42 got a bigger engine, stronger frame, and better brakes, but it was only sold for …

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1936 BMW R4

In Germany, Vintage by Abhi7 Comments

Post Listing Update: This R4 was relisted multiple time, but it never met reserve. The last auction got up to $14,100 with 41 bids on eBay. Popular with the German Police and Army in its day, the BMW R4 was a mid-market bike, designed to fill the gap between the entry level R2 and the upmarket boxer-engined bikes. Here’s a …

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1936 BSA M20

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Built for 18 years, the BSA WM20 was initially considered a failure for military applications by the British, though small evolutions converted it into one of longest serving motorcycles for any military in the world. Over 125,000 of them were used in active service for World War II. Here we’ve got what seems to be one of the civilia models, …