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1927 BMW R42

In Germany, Standard, Vintage by Abhi5 Comments

Post-Listing Update: This R42 did not meet reserve with bidding up to $32,756 on eBay. Packing a 494cc boxer twin that put out 12 horsepower, the BMW R42 was introduced in 1926, 3 years later after the R32 (the granddaddy of BMW boxers). The R42 got a bigger engine, stronger frame, and better brakes, but it was only sold for …

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1936 BMW R4

In Germany, Vintage by Abhi7 Comments

Post Listing Update: This R4 was relisted multiple time, but it never met reserve. The last auction got up to $14,100 with 41 bids on eBay. Popular with the German Police and Army in its day, the BMW R4 was a mid-market bike, designed to fill the gap between the entry level R2 and the upmarket boxer-engined bikes. Here’s a …

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1936 BSA M20

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Built for 18 years, the BSA WM20 was initially considered a failure for military applications by the British, though small evolutions converted it into one of longest serving motorcycles for any military in the world. Over 125,000 of them were used in active service for World War II. Here we’ve got what seems to be one of the civilia models, …

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1925 Triumph Model P

In England, Vintage by Abhi2 Comments

The Triumph Model P brought the English firm into the world of mass production – and the company needed it because they were making 1,000 per week to keep up with demand, even in an economic downturn. Much of the bike’s success came from the price: Triumph was able to sell this bike for 42 pounds, making it the cheapest …

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In Italy – 1928 BMW R52

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Post Sale Update: This R52 sold for $31,600 after 45 bids on eBay. Designed to be a tourer, the BMW R52 featured a 486cc boxer twin that generated 12 horsepower. The three-speed transmission had just been redesigned for this model, during a time frame when BMW was constantly making changes. Due to this, BMW switched to pressed-steel frames by the …

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1938 Norton 16H

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Between 1911 and 1954, Norton produced a series of bikes all around a 490cc side-valve engine. These bikes were referred to as the 16H – H stood for Home, as in a domestic model. The 16C (Colonial) was introduced in ’21, and had more ground clearance for roads in poor condition.

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1925 Indian Scout

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Post Sale Update: After 39 bids on eBay, this Scout sold for $27,600. In 1920, Indian introduced the Scout alongside the Powerplus to offer a smaller bike in its lineup. For nearly 30 years, the Scout continued on as one of Indian’s most celebrated bikes – some loyalists still think the 101 Scout of the late 20s was the best …