Couple of Blue Rickman Metisses

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The Rickman Metisse is a legend when it comes to classic off-roaders. Here are two examples of the breed in blue, one with a Triumph engine, the other with a Weslake BSA B44 engine – considered by some (like Motocross Action Mag) to be the ultimate example of the Metisse.

First the “lowly” Triumph powered bike:

Rickman Metisee Triumph - Right Side

This example (VIN: 1894) is a 1971 model and it has just 500 miles on it. It’s being offered by the original owner and will need a tune-up and some new points. Find it for sale in Salt Lake City, Utah with bidding up to $9,100

Note that this bike is also available here on Craigslist for $9,600. This bike-uriousity brought to you by Jim R!

But if that’s not unique enough for you, here’s the BSA-powered bike with a Weslake head:

Rickman Metisee BSA Weslake - Right Side

The Weslake conversion brought the B44 engine (normally used in the BSA Victor) up to 490cc, getting displacement much closer to the usual 500cc class limit. You also got Rickman 41mm forks, Girling shocks, and Akront rims to help complete the high-spec package. The seller says that this is even more special than usual as it was not sold as a kit but actually assembled by the Rickman brothers and was the personal bike of Lynn Wineland, former editor of Hot Rod Magazine and the man who coined the terms “go kart” and “minibike”. This bike is highly original though the rear hub is an umarked KTM unit (the original is included with the sale). Apparently all you need is to throw some oil and gas into this bike and you’ll be ready to go.

Find this BSA-powered Metisse for sale in Ulster, Pennsylvania with bidding up to $6,800 and the reserve not yet met