Custom Airhead – 1979 BMW R65

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I’m really starting to enjoy these classic airhead builds. I knew that BMW was trying to change their demographic, but I never thought we’d see a day that people are customizing old airheads. My favorite part is that these builders are repurposing bikes that might not necessarily get a second chance at life. Case in point is this 1979 R65. In stock form, it might not garner a lot of attention because it’s not an R90S or a R100RS. In the hands of the right individual though, these motorcycles really become something special.

BMW R65 Custom - Right Side

According to the seller, Spirit Lake Cycles was responsible for this design and build. It has 30,000 miles, sports snowflake rims that look great in black, blacked out swing arm, retro looking firestone tires, and obviously the rear frame has been modified for that seat and the rack. It sounds like the bike is stock and well kept. The current owner needs to sell to get started on another project. I’ve never ridden an R65, but I’ve always been told that the smaller airheads were always much smoother. I think this would be the perfect bike for someone in an urban setting that just wants something more fun and more stylish than a scooter but doesn’t want something that’s so ornate or valuable that they’re afraid of something happening to it. The best part is that I can’t think of many classic, custom motorcycles that you could walk into a dealer and buy parts for. I also can’t think of many tasteful motorcycle builds that go on to sell for $6,800.

BMW R65 Custom - Tail

With many old airheads available for sale and what seems like an endless supply of parts, I hope we’re looking at a trend that lasts a long time to come. Find this custom airhead for sale in Pasadena, California for $6,800 here on Cycle Trader.