Death Notification – 2010 Tombstone Hearse

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Post Listing Update: This hearse did not get any interest at the BIN of $55,000.

For some riders, motorcycles are life. The guys at Tombstone Hearse have gone the extra mile so motorcycles can be death, too.

Tombstone markets their trikes exclusively towards funeral directors as a competitive advantage. The project was birthed in 2001 during Bike Week in Daytona, Florida. While at a funeral home, the creator of Tombstone Hearse saw a classic horse drawn hearse coach surrounded by motorcycles and he thought he could merge the two concepts. After hours and hours of research, development, and engineering, the piece was finished, combining a big V-Twin trike and a classic hearse that used to be towed by horses. For more information, check out the Tombstone Hearse website.

The Tombstone Hearse presented here is in great condition with only 2k miles. The bike features a 6-speed transmission and a reverse gear. The Hearse is said to be in excellent condition. Find this hearse in Gilbert, Arizona with a BIN of $55,000 or best offer

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