Dunstall Bodywork – 1974 Suzuki GT750

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Post Listing Update: This GT750 did not meet reserve despite 7 bids up to $5,100 on eBay.

Affectionately known as the Water Buffalo, the GT750 was introduced as competition to big bikes of the day like the Honda CB750 and Triumph Bonneville. For many American riders, this was the first Suzuki that captured their attention. If this captures your attention right now, you need to hurry because this auction ends soon!

Because the T500 was a speed demon, consumers expected more of the same from this bike. Unfortunately, Suzuki had reliability issues so they instead tuned the bike to be more of a sports tourer. Though magazine reviewers were disappointed, the bike was a commercial success. The GT750 featured the “ECTS”, otherwise known as the Exhaust Coupler Tube System. This system connected both sides of the exhaust and was designed to boost low-end torque. This was also the first two-stroke bike to collect and burn residual gas and oil in crank chambers to reduce visible exhaust smoke, as well as the first Japanese production bike with a liquid-cooled engine. It was an instant classic, and solid examples command surprising values at auction. Note that major changes were made in 1973 – such as the first implementation of dual front brake discs for any manufacturer.

This example (VIN: GT750-49330) has 18,021 miles and it stands out because it’s equipped with a rare Dunstall body kit. In addition, the motor has been rebuilt from the crank out, the forks have been rebuilt, and the wheels were replaced with Suzuki GS units. Other modifications include flat bars, Hayabusa footpegs with custom mounts, solid state voltage regulator, electronic ignition, and Omar’s Torque Cannon exhaust.

Find this Dunstall-equipped Suzuki GT750 for sale in Libertyville, Illinois with bidding up to $5,100 and the reserve not yet met

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