Ending Soon – 1968 Honda CB450 K1

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Post Listing Update: This CB450 did not meet reserve despite 26 bids up to $4,250 on eBay in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The K1 CB450 was a one year only bike, and it was the last Honda to rock chrome panels on the gas tank.

Everyone knows the K0 version, affectionately known as the Black Bomber, but the K1 was sold alongside the K0 in ’68. Most K1s got a seat with white piping and textured black vinyl. For reasons unknown, Honda marketed the K1 as the Hellcat in Canada – I wish the US got the sweet name, too. For more information on the K1, check out this link from Livable Landscape.

This example (VIN: CB450-3001087) has approximately 22,700 miles and everything looks to be working. The carbs were recently cleaned, there are new fuel lines, and the petcock has been rebuilt. Also new are the clutch/throttle cables and tires. The seller notes some pitting in the chrome but it still looks good.

Find this CB450 K1 for sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota with bidding up to $3,650 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay.

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