Ending Soon – 1983 Kawasaki GPz550

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When Kawasaki introduced the GPz550 in 1981, it was a shot in the arm of the middleweight class. Now riders could get something fast, nimble, and sporty without having to get a big bike!

Basic specifications included 57 horsepower, 469 pounds of weight, and a claimed top speed of 119 miles per hour. For more on the middleweight GPz, check out this article from Mitch Boehm on Motorcyclist, who says, “fast, sexy, and nimble, the GPz…catapulted Kawasaki into the leadership position for middleweight streetbikes.”

This example (VIN: jkakzfh13dah16475) has 22,851 miles and it’s claimed to be in excellent shape. The seller (who is the 3rd owner) says the only non-original parts are the tires and fork springs. The bike features rebuilt suspension by Race Tech, new tires, and a recent carb clean. As the seller notes, there’s some minor cosmetic issues that you’d expect from a 33 year old bike, but from 30 feet away it “looks like a well taken care of 4 year old motorcycle.” Find this GPz for sale in Palos Verdes, California with bidding up to $3,050 and the reserve not yet met