Entry Level Harley? 1967 Harley-Davidson M65 Sport

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In the 1960’s Harley Davidson realized it had nothing to compete with the small, entry level motorcycles that were flooding into the US from the Far East. As a result, it teamed with Aermacchi in Italy to produce Harley-badged models for the US market. The first to appear in the US was the Sprint 250, and later this model, labelled the M65 Sport. In Italy it was called the Leggero.

The Sport was a 65cc 2-stroke that put out a whopping 4.5 hp. Transmission was 3-speed, operated by a twist-grip on the left handlebar. Kick start was on the left. This model is the S version, which was styled more like a traditional motorcycle. There was also a step-through, scooter-ish version.

This M65 is listed as a complete, running original, which would be unusual for a 50-year old bike. At recent auctions, originality is one of the most prized (and valued) attributes contributing to some crazy prices. Rust and dirt, described as “Patina”, actually sells bikes! Who would have thought?

Restored or not, this would make a great addition to any Harley (or Italian, for that matter) enthusiast’s collection. Find the M65 Sport for sale for $1,800 in Bryant, Alabama here on Craigslist

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