Ex-Moto2 Racer – 2013 Suter MMX2

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Suter recently made headlines in the US after they formed a partnership with Arch Motorcycles. The end result is that Arch can now sell their bikes in Europe and Suter can sell to us Americans. While most of the attention is on Suter’s absolutely bonkers 2-stroke GP bike called the MMX500, there’s also some miscellaneous used hardware that’s worth a gander. One example is Dominique Aegerter’s Moto2 racer from the 2013 season, a Suter MMX2.

The MMX2 was specifically designed for Moto2 with a 600cc 4-stroke motor. Top speed is 180 miles per hour thanks to 129 horsepower and a weight of about 300 pounds. The MMX2 would be quite successful, earning Suter three constructor titles in the first three years after the 2010 Moto2 rule changes regarding displacement.

For more on the MMX2, head on over to the Suter website.

This MMX2 is ready to race, so find this bike for sale here on Facebook in Hawthorne, California for $46,500.