Factory Racer – 2001 Aprilia RSW 250

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Post Listing Update: This RSW is incredibly cool, but apparently not $65,000 cool. It did not get any action at that BIN number.

Plenty of riders are familiar with the Aprilia RS250, what some consider to be the best 250 street bike you can get. But Aprilia also offered the RSV/RSW250, the true factory race bike designed to compete in the Grand Prix. I suspect this is the holy grail for some of you two-stroke fans out there. The seller bought it from Mammo and Luca Balestrazzi and says the story is that this was a factory development bike, so it got all the factory goodies but did not compete for points.

The seller of this bike imported it from Italy last year but now it needs a new owner. He says that it weighs about 165 pounds depending on what wheels/exhaust are equipped, and that it puts out over 100 horsepower(!) when correctly tuned (no mention if this exact bike is correctly tuned, though…)

Aprilia RSW 250 - Front

The bike comes with factory bodywork and airbox, both made of carbon fiber. Also made with CF are the wheels, swign arm, and battery box. Also equipped are Ohlins forks, shock, and steering damper, titanium expansion chambers, all telemetry sensors, a fresh gearbox, and a rebuilt motor (200 miles ago, and even then it has a new set of pistons). Also of note, the bike is thankfully set up to run on leaded fuel.

Aprilia RSW 250 - Right Side

I can’t even imagine what this would be like to ride, but if you want to find out, go get this RSW for sale in Brooklyn, New York with a BIN of $65,000