Filipino Sidecar – 1974 Honda CB125

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Post Listing Update: this CB sidecar did not meet reserve despite 33 bids up to $2,050 on eBay in Michigan City, Indiana.

Per the seller, the story with this sidecar is that “an enlisted man commissioned two of these to be built to bring back to the U.S., hence the painting on the front. So, if the story is true, there is a sister car somewhere in the States.” Who knows if the story is true, but this sidecar is still interesting in its own right!

The seller has owned this CB+sidecar (VIN: CB125S-1210929) for approximately a decade, noting that he initially saw it for sale online over 15 years ago but missed it at the time. The sidecar has a luggage rack on the roof and a folding luggage rack on the rear. There’s a two-speaker stereo system powered by a 12 volt battery for music (the bike runs off a 6V system), and the Honda is said to run without issues.

If you’re looking for supercar levels of attention on a much cheaper budget, it’d be tough to beat this thing. Find this fun pairing for sale in Michigan City, Indiana with bidding up to $1,675 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay.

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