Gift Intermission – MotoGP Racing Together 1949–2016 Book

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MotoGP is opening pre-orders for a history book going back to 1949. The emphasis is on the last 25 years of racing so that Dorna can pat itself on the back, but it seems that this bike combines beautiful photos with analysis of 5-year segments by journalists including Paul Carruthers and Matthew Miles and technical features from Kevin Cameron. If you’ve got a big MotoGP fan in your life, this might be a gift worth snapping up.

Per MotoGP, “Commemorating 25 years of the collaboration between FIM, IRTA, the MSMA and Dorna working together to bring fans the Championship that it is today, ‘Racing Together 1949-2016’ tells the story of MotoGP™ from its humble beginnings in 1949 to the incredible technological sophistication and racing that we see today. Packed full of photos from the past and the present to celebrate the best of every era – and a myriad of racing memories – the book tells the vibrant story of MotoGP™ in a way that will capture the imagination of both those involved in the sport professionally and that of the millions of racing fans worldwide.”

To pre-order, head on over to Evro Publishing, a small publisher in the UK dedicated to “high-quality motorsport books.”

Photos from MotoGP.