Rare Trike Project – 1973 Alsport Tri-Sport

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Based out of Norwalk, Ohio, Alsport Incorporated produced a trike called the Tri-Sport. It was available in multiple displacements ranging from 30 to 340 cubic centimeters. Here’s a 290cc version (the motor was also used in Kohler snowmobiles) that’s going to need some work after it was pulled from a barn.

Alsport marketed this as a “Limitless Variety Power Utility” that was safe to ride, easy to use, and capable year round with an optional ski to replace the front wheel.

The pull starter is broken and the seller just says that this “does not run.” If you’re looking for an interesting project (last year some crazy person decided they were going to take theirs out to Bonneville but the project fizzled out)

Find this Tri-Sport for sale here on Craigslist in Blackwood, New Jersey for $1,000. I try not to comment on asking prices too much but I think that’s too high of an ask – these don’t come up often but when they do I typically see non-runners going for $300-$500.

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