Giveaway Intermission – Oil in the Blood

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To celebrate the release of Oil in the Blood next week, the director (Gareth Maxwell Roberts) has arranged a giveaway with some popular names in motorcycling gear. There are seven prizes for seven different winners with a total value of about $3,700.

The prizes are:
One (1) Velomacchi 50L Speedway Hybrid Duffle Travel Backpack
One (1) Velomacchi 35L Giro Backpack
One (1) Velomacchi Speedway Tool Roll
One (1) REV’IT! Brentwood Jeans
One (1) Revival Cycles Palo Duro Pannier Briefcase
One (1) Hedon Full Face Heroine Racer Helmet and Visor of Winner’s Choice
One (1) TW Steel TW999 Watch

Click here for more information and to enter the contest for yourself! Note that entering the giveaway will require you to give your email address up for some “relevant updates”.