Guess That Bike – Unknown Tank Edition

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My last Guess That Bike was solved way too quickly, so here’s something that I hope will keep you guessing for quite a while…because I don’t know the answer myself. This one’s submitted by contributor Cas V!

In Cas’ words:

“I present to you a mystery tank. I have no idea what its from. Having a bit of a tank obsession (I think they are the most recognizable part of any motorcycle) I have a collection of them. This one I bought on spec thinking it might be good for a café or ISDT tribute. This one has me stumped but here are some clues:

– It looks vaguely like an early BMW tank but its not because they have mounting holes on the front about midway between the top and bottom.
– There is what looks like a chromed section along the top curve of the tank.
– The emblem is circular (but might have a diagonal stripe running through it).
– The lugs at the front and rear seem to have been added later.
– The thread on the nut that closes the little door is metric.”

Here’s a bunch of pictures for you:

Cas Tank

Cas Tank (2)

Cas Tank (3)

Cas Tank (4)

Cas Tank (5)

Cas Tank (6)

Cas Tank (7)

Cas Tank (8)

So…who knows what this is?