Meet Cas Vanderwoude!

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Editor’s Note: Some of you may have seen that I’m looking for some new contributors to join and share more sweet motorcycles for sale! You’ve probably seen Cas Vanderwoude in the comments dropping some knowledge (or being responsible for one of my favorite Guess That Bike posts with his Meguro Stamina), but now you get to see what he thinks is interesting in the world of motorcycles. As always, I asked him to introduce himself so you had some idea of what you’re in for. He also made me realize that I don’t have a ‘name’ for readers of this site!

Hi Bike-uriousers!

I’m Cas Vanderwoude, also known as BeezaGeeza (Beeza being a nickname for BSA motorcycles and geeza .. well, Google it). I’ve enjoyed riding motorcycles my entire life. Lately with my family grown-up and finding myself single, I discovered I had a disposable income!

Cas Vanderwoude - BSA WM20 Front Right

This was the impetus for changing from riding as a means of transport and enjoyment; to collecting, restoring, customizing motorcycles of all varieties. Like many of you folks, the motorcycles that interest me most are the ones I had when I was younger and ones I wanted but could not afford. So, nowadays, I go to work so I can pay the cost of my addiction! Although I love most anything on two wheels, British motorcycles from the 1950s and the 1960s as well as 1970s Japanese machines are my favorites. Besides collecting and restoring vintage motorcycles, I also enjoy building café racers with a 60s feel.

Cas Vanderwoude - BSA WM20 Front Left

Bike-urious is a great website that I check on every day to see what’s new. Hopefully I can contribute by helping expand the site to include garage and maintenance advice and profiles on some of my favorite models. Abhi wanted me to include an image of myself and my latest project – a 1941 BSA WM20 military motorcycle. I’ve just managed to get it back on the road.

Being a side-valve engine, its not the quickest motorcycle out there and has a realistic top speed of around 55 mph (any faster and too many bits start falling off). Next target is to get a speeding ticket on her!