Guess That Bike – Unknown Italian Edition

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Reader James H just shared an interesting photo with me and I’m stumped. So now I’m passing it along – can you identify what this?

In James’ words, this “is a picture that has recently been popping up on various bike photo sites and threads but nobody knows what it is/was. Most identify it as a 1951 Ducati Moto Futuro on a test ride in Italy. But as best we can all read, it appears to say Mars Futuro on the bike/scooter.

Mars was a German mfg that built scooters and motorcycles up to the early ‘70’s. I spent hours searching for any more about the bike with zero success…I searched Ducati history sites and Mars history, as well as a few others that linked to Mars.

Maybe one of your many fans will know or be better at searching online for accurate information and more pictures?

Well, is he right? Can you figure this mystery out? Click the image below to enlarge it:

9-21-17 Update:
James sent me a little more today: “Since sending you the picture someone found this little article in a motorcycle magazine from 1949 about what may be the same manufacturer. While the rear fender is not completely covering the wheel, it is still the gas tank and the forks are of the same type.

It’s not super relevant, but I was able to find a picture of the “Gasolene Hare” referred to at the end of the above article:

Photo from