Join Me – “Electric Revolutionaries” Opening at Petersen Museum 4/14

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On Thursday evening, the Petersen’s newest exhibit debuts…and it’s all about electric motorcycles! I’ll be there for the opening party – will you?

One of my personal favorites, the XP Zero built by Hugo Eccles. Photo by Petersen Automotive Museum/Ted7.

Thanks to Paul D’Orleans and the Motorcycle Arts Foundation, the Petersen Museum has been featuring several great motorcycle exhibits over the years:
Custom Revolution
Electric Revolution
Silver Shotgun

They’re going back to electric bikes this time around, featuring 25 creations that span a wide variety of styles and intended usages.

“KillaJoule,” the land speed racer that made Eva Hakansson the fastest woman on an electric motorcycle with a run of 240.7 mph. Photo by Petersen Automotive Museum/Ted7

Per Paul, “I’m super excited to assemble this wildly diverse collection of EV pioneers. ‘Electric Revolutionaries’ really does represent the range of interest in an electric future, from a humble teen in Ghana making EVs from scrap, to genius artisans building conceptual and boundary-pushing designs, to speed demons and global superstar designers interested in pushing mobility into the green zone.”

The One by Curtiss Motorcycles, designed by JT Nesbitt. Photo by Petersen Automotive Museum/Ted7.

The opening event will be 5-9:30pm on Thursday, and it features a panel discussion with some big names: Derek Dorresteyn, Joey Ruiter, JT Nesbitt, Hugo Eccles, Storm Sondors, and Walt Siegl. Financial support comes from Livewire and Damon, and there’ll be an open bar if you’re into that kind of thing. Will I see you there? You can buy your ticket for the opening event here.