Land Speed Moped – 1970 Tomos

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6-15-2018 Update: Over two years later, Zack B notes that this Tomos is back up for sale. It looks much different now (and not for the better, I’d say). Check out pictures in the listing with an unmet opening bid of $999 in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Post-Sale Update: After being relisted, this Tomos sold for a hefty $10,420.69.

Here’s a moped that’s been supercharged and packing nitrous – or as reader Joe B put it when he submitted this bike, ‘is this the world’s coolest moped?’

Tomos Ducati Land Speed Moped - Rear Left

Unfortunately, I can’t find much information on the build or what this bike has achieved in the past, but this two-stroke Tomos (VIN: Zz1A6529ko30906) runs on C23 race fuel (specially designed for NOx engines with compression ratios up to 18:1). The seller says that this bike has lost spark and will need the HPI ignition replaced. Still, I’ve never encountered a more interesting moped – so I hope someone gets it back out on pavement…or the salt.

Tomos Ducati Land Speed Moped - Rear Right

Find this Tomos/”Ducati” racer for sale in Crawfordsville, Indiana

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Joe B!

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