Never Started – 1989 Honda Africa Twin XRV650

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Post Sale Update: This Africa Twin sold for $20,000 after 49 bids on eBay in Seattle, Washington.

I know I’m on a bit of a JDM kick this week, but with bikes like this can you blame me? Here we’ve got a first-generation Honda Africa Twin (RD03) that’s never been started or even had fuel in the tank. There’s all of 2km on the odometer, and it looks like a reference model for all future restorations. What a beauty.

The first generation of the Africa Twin was introduced in 1988 in response to Honda’s success with the NXR750 racebike – it would end up winning Paris-Dakar four years in a row, starting in 1986. Honda already had the single-cylinder NX650 and the V-Twin Transalp, but the Japanese company decided another big trailie was needed. History has shown that they were correct, and of course the name has recently been brought back for another successful run. All the new ATs owe their existence to this model, which was not officially available in the US.

The XRV utilizes a 647cc 52 degree V-Twin that put out 57 horsepower through a 5-speed transmission. The suspension was 43mm Showa forks with 9 inches of travel up front and a Pro-Link monoshock with 8.25 inches of travel in the back. Dry weight was 425 pounds and the fuel capacity was 6.34 gallons. For more information on the model, check out this story on Motorcycle Sport & Leisure.

In a way, there isn’t much to say about this example (VIN: RD031000440) because it’s so pristine. The seller says that it’s been “beautifully preserved” and it’s hard to argue that based on the photos. It genuinely looks like it came out of a time machine from ’89. The seller lubed the cylinders, checked the oil, and turned the engine by hand to make sure it spins freely. They also verified that the brakes and everything electrical works as new. I may need to bug my friends at American Honda, it might be time for them to add to their corporate museum!

Find this minty Africa Twin for sale in Seattle, Washington with bidding up to $13,000 and the reserve not yet met

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