No Reserve – 1967 BMW R60 w/ 1.5L VW Engine

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Post Sale Update: This custom R60 sold for $9,600 at RM Sotheby’s in Dayton, Ohio.

This home-brewed oddity is based on a 1967 BMW R60. The unusual motorcycle was bought new in ’67 by one Lee Fikes, a Texas oil tycoon who wanted to ride the Bavarian bike two-up with his soon-to-be-wife to the Yucatan Peninsula for their honeymoon. Fearing the 594cc’s boxer twin’s 30 hp would be underpowered carrying the newlyweds and their luggage on the 2,000+ mile round-trip, Fiko went out and purchased a 1,500cc flat-four Volkswagen engine to transplant into the R60’s double-loop frame.

Part of Fiko’s decision was motivated by the fact Volkswagen had a factory in Mexico, so parts were readily available/reasonably priced and local mechanics were well acquainted with the West German flat fours. However, the 1.5L mill only made 44hp, so the Dallas oilman ended up massaging the engine and installing various components to bolster performance and reliability including Thomas Tomahawk valve covers.

The BMW retains its original Earles fork, rear shocks, and drum brakes, though the rider’s quarters have been made more conducive to touring duties. A custom front cowling houses a set of side-by-side headlights in front, while the rider’s side features a tach, speedo, amp-meter, oil-pressure gauge, oil-temp gauge, and a Harley-Davidson cylinder-head temp gauge. Lee tacked a luggage rack onto the back, christened the thing the “Fikobike” and he and his wife set off on their journey.

Following the trek, the four-cylinder two-wheeler traded hands once or twice but is now headed for auction at the end of September as part of RM Sotheby’s upcoming Taj Ma Garaj Collection sale. The auction includes 30 cars and 350 lots of parts, accessories, and memorabilia of mostly Porsche and Volkswagen related offerings which belonged to late Porsche fanatic and all-around German motorsport enthusiast, John Dixon.

In addition to the engine-swapped R60, a number of other fascinating vehicles are slated to cross the auction block including a 1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GTS Clubsport, an intricately-designed wire-bodied 1970 Beetle by artist and master blacksmith, Rafael Esparza-Prieto, an awesome 1956 Beetle hotrod custom, an NSR-style Rothmans Porsche 944 Turbo Cup, and a 1957 Porsche-Diesel Standard 208 Tractor, just to name a few. You can check out all the lots here.

You can find this 1967 BMW R/60 (Frame #: 1812270), 1.5L Volkswagen-engined “Fikobike” for sale here at the RM Sotheby’s Taj Ma Garaj Collection sale on September 28 in Dayton, Ohio where it’s being offered without reserve and expecting to fetch between $5,000 and $10,000.

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