No Reserve – 1978 Harley-Davidson XLCR

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I’ve featured plenty XLCRs in the past – I dig them because they’re just so different from Harley’s portfolio at the time. In fact, the bike was a bit too different, as buyers didn’t really warm up to it. Low initial sales make them quite collectible nowadays, which is why the asking prices are high and reserves are often not met. But that won’t be the case with this bike, which is guaranteed to get a new owner in the next few days.

In 1978, just 1,201 examples of the XLCR were built. This was during one of the low points in Harley’s history, and they decided to get a little crazy with the “Cafe Racer” to capture different market share. It was their most powerful production bike ever built…though the number was still just A Harley advertisement called it “Caviar on Wheels”. Turns out Harley buyers didn’t care for caviar.

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I don’t care for caviar either, but I do dig this bike. This example (VIN: 7F14210H8) has 18,130 miles and the seller calls it a 9/10, noting (can a 30 year old bike really be a 10?). Fair question. The seller recently refreshed (carb clean, new tires/fluids/brake pads) the bike with the intent of taking it to shows, but he has instead decided to sell it. Non-original parts include the shift lever, and spark plug wires. The headers were powdercoated flat black, an oil cooler has been added, and some small pieces have been repainted. The stickers and labels are NOS and the tank badges were gold chromed and hand painted. Despite the work, there’s still a couple of cosmetic issues – particularly on the bodywork near the taillight.

Find this XLCR for sale in Magnolia, Texas with bidding up to $10,800