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2001 MZ Skorpion Sport Cup

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The MZ Skorpion was the result of an international partnership between a British design firm, an East German manufacturer (MZ), and Yamaha. Weighing just 380 pounds and packing 48 horsepower, this is a rare sportbike that has become quite the cult classic.

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1915 Indian Big Twin

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Post-Sale Update: This Indian Big Twin sold for the BIN of $55,000. The Indian Big Twin was the last of an era – some even consider it to be the last “real” Indian as it was the end of the F-head engine in a cradle-spring frame. 1915 was the last year of production before Indian stopped racing efforts to help …

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1975 CZ Falta 400 Replica

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In 1974, Jaroslav Falta came within 6 points of winning the 250cc World Championship. It all came down to the final round of the Championship, during which Falta had a slim deficit to overcome to go from 2nd place to 1st overall. Many believe that Russian riders kept ganging up on Falta to protect Russian KTM rider Gennady Moiseev, the …

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1968 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead Police

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Here’s a rare, all original FLH Police Bike. Originally ordered for the police force of Elizabethtown, New Jersey, it was put into service and painted with the ’67 scheme to match the rest of the fleet. After being decommissioned, the bike was sold at auction and then put in storage for years. Now it’s back up for sale after having …

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Power-Dyne Vehicles – 1974 PDV Gringo 360

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Post-Sale Update: This PDV Gringo 360 sold for $2,801 after 30 bids on eBay. Power-Dyne Vehicles (also known as PDV) produced several motorcycles in the early 70s, nearly all of which were copies of something else on the market. The PDV Gringo was a knock-off of Yamaha motocross engines and Champion frames – the story is that PDV was put …

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2008 Dirico Flyer

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You might know that Keanu Reeves is currently working on his own motorcycle manufacturing company, but did you know that Steven Tyler has also gotten into the motorcycle production game? Tyler, along with his brother in law Mark Dirico and good friend Stephen Talarico, came together to create Dirico Motorcycles. Here’s one of their models, the classic cruiser styled Dirico …

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Honda TL250

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One of the few four-stroke trials bikes of the 70s, the Honda TL250 was developed with tremendous input from Sammy Miller – the license plate of the prototype was SAM 1N. Production started in ’75, and approximately 4,000 bikes were eventually sold, most in the US. The 248cc single produced 16 horsepower. For more information on the TL250, check out …

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Needs Some Work – 1974 Laverda 750 SF Racer

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Here’s a Laverda 750 SF race bike that last competed about 15 years ago. The seller suggests that it just needs a battery and some gas before it’s ready for the road, however there’s some cosmetic work that will need to be done as well – a fall in the garage damaged the fairing and windscreen and there’s a dent …

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1977 BMW R100S

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Post-Sale Update: This R100S sold for $5,926. Here’s a pretty example of a BMW R100S that has provisions for a kickstarter because it’s a Canadian model. The owner has retrofitted the older peanut style valve covers (so much better than the original black ones), but why this bike really stands out is the inclusion of a very rare Talbot/Berlin fairing …

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1982 Benelli 125 Sport

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Featuring an air-cooled two stroke 125cc twin, a 5-speed transmission, and a slightly-too-large front fairing, the Benelli 125 Sport was a little rocket for the road. Here’s an example (VIN: 11443) with a rebuilt motor (with no miles on it), documentation from an Italian mechanic, and 2 boxes of spare parts. Find this Benelli 125 Sport for sale here at …