1996 Harley “Dual-Sportster”

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Alright, that’s my name – the seller actually calls his creation the Dirtster. Either way, it’s a Sportster that’s been converted to tackle dirt!

Modifications include the front end from a Kawasaki KZ250, 17″ Progressive shocks, a stretched swingarm, Corbin seat, off-road tires, dirtbike fenders, and more. In the seller’s words, “On the dirt this thing is an animal. A moderate flick of the throttle and your powersliding like a pro! It will also chug along at idle in second gear, no clutch needed. I was having such a blast on the lake bed that I decided to take the pipeline home. This road is a poorly maintained service road that serves as a stream when it rains. It got rough much more quickly than I remembered it. The front end was so light plodding in the sand and pea gravel that it started to take a toll on my forearms (for rough desert offroad a steering dampener is a must-have) sooo…. lean back, full throttle and 2 gears later I was gracefully dancing that 60mph pig over the rough!”

Find the Dirtster for sale here on ADVRider (registration required) in Las Vegas, Nevada for $4,500.

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