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1960 Royal Enfield Super Meteor

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Lots of people are excited about the new parallel-twin-powered bikes from Royal Enfield, but back in the company’s heyday the p-twin of record was the Super Meteor. It was introduced in the early 50s because the US market wanted bigger engines – RE responded with a 692cc OHV twin that was basically two Bullet 350 pistons in a stretched 500cc …

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1978 Cosmo Colt

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Cosmopolitan Motors of Hatboro, Pennsylvania closed down earlier this decade, but for a while they had claim to the title of America’s oldest motorcycle distributor. Back in their heyday you could stop by and find bikes from a wide range of smaller Italian manufacturers – many Parillas, Benellis, Capriolos, Garellis, Betas, (and more) featured here on Bike-urious were originally sold …

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Custom MG – “1984” Radical Guzzi V12

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Sadly, there’s not a V12 in this bike. But the idea of more “oomph” is still the prevalent concept. The owner of Radical Guzzi (Stefan Bronold) was approached by a customer that wanted a custom V7 with more power. Stefan’s response was to easily get more power with a modern Guzzi motor, then shove it in a Tonti frame and …

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2001 Ducati Monster Cromo

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In 1999, Ducati released a special edition of the Monster. They called it the Cromo, and it was obviously named due to the distinctive tank, which was complemented by a carbon fiber rear seat cover and rear fender. It also got adjustable front forks and the high-po 74 horsepower engine.

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1947 LaRay Power Cycle

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LaRay Engineering and Equipment Company was a short-lived American manufacturer based in Milwaukee. LaRay’s only model, the Power Cycle, was built for only one year supposedly somewhere between ’46 and ’48. A reported 2,500 units left the Wisconsin factory prior to the IRS shutting La Ray down for unpaid back taxes.

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1964 Scott Flying Squirrel

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“As lively as a Squirrel and never sheds a nut.” The Scott Flying Squirrel debuted all the way back in 1921, which is why the period slogan sounds a bit…dated. But the bike lived on for an impressively long time, surviving multiple closures of its parent company. By 1954, Scott Motorcycles had been moved to Birmingham, and a new series …

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New Auction Bike – 1998 Honda CBR900RR Erion

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The CBR900RR was a game changer for motorcycles when it was introduced in the early 90s. Honda released the 4th generation in 1998, but that coincided with Yamaha’s generational leap of the R1. Still, the Honda had earned itself a loyal following, and this example is a treat thanks to the Erion Racing-inspired livery.

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1981 Honda Gorilla

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If you’ve been following this site for a while, you’re more than familiar with the Honda Monkey. But did you know that starting in 1978, Honda made a bigger brother called the Gorilla? There were no folding-to-fit-in-a-trunk pretensions, it was just a small motorcycle with an excellent name! They’re incredibly difficult to find in the US, but here’s one waiting …