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1 of 200 – 1988 Yamaha FZR750RU

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Built specifically to meet AMA racing homologation rules, the FZR750RU was only made for one year and cost $6899 at the time – more expensive than even most liter bikes of the time. Though fully street legal, this bike was intended to be a fully fledged road racer. This specific example has covered 36k miles, and comes with spares as …

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Mini Gixxer – 1987 Suzuki GSX-R50

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In the late 80s, Japanese manufacturers made a series of mini-bikes. While the Yamaha YSR50 and Honda NSR50 are probably some of the most common, the Suzuki GSXR-50 was one of the best looking, due to the full fairings and 4 interesting graphics packages available. The little gixxer was only made for 2 years, which means it’s one of the …

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2004 BMW R1100S

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Nowadays, thanks to the S1000RR, the idea of BMW making a true sportbike is no longer a laughing matter. Back in 1999, however, BMW took the most powerful boxer engine it had at the time and made their most aggressive looking bike so far, the BMW R1100S. Despite the looks, this is more of a sport-tourer than an outright sports …

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1974.5 Maico 400

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Post-Listing Update: This Maico 400 was pulled from eBay, final sale price unknown. Despite the reputation for poor reliability, by 1973 the Maico 400 was the top choice of open class riders in the US. Because of that, for those in the know, the 1974.5 Maico 400 is one of the most sought-after vintage MX bikes of all time. Here’s …

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1978 Laverda Jota America

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Despite the name, the Laverda Jota America was a 3-cylinder superbike that was rarely seen in the United States. With an odd crankshaft design (180 degree flat crank), the Jota produces a very unique sound that owners enjoy. This bike has been the beneficiary of several period-specific mods, including rear-sets, Jota exhuast, Progressive shocks, 4C Jota cams, and Moto-Witt ignition. …

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2002 KTM Duke II

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Supermotos are some of the most fun you can have on two wheels, though their nature means they usually serve duty as a 2nd bike or toy as opposed to a daily rider. The 640 KTM Duke II was one of the first supermotos to sell in any numbers in the US, and it introduced a lot of riders to …

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2000 Cagiva Gran Canyon

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Cagiva is an interesting phenomena in the states – they sold poorly, they’ve withdrawn on the US market so dealer support is basically non-existent, and even though they sourced Ducati engines, they never really made the kind of power you’d expect them to. Yet there’s something about these bikes that a niche group of riders finds irresistible, and owners are …

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2WD – 1969 Rokon Trailbreaker

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Founded in the early 60s, Rokon was created to sell a two-wheel drive ‘moto-tractor’. Using a combination of belt, chain, and shaft drives, both the front and rear wheels are powered, enabling the rider to cover the most rugged of terrain. These older Rokons are powered with a 130cc Chrylser engine, though newer ones come with Honda engines producing no …

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1991 Honda Hawk

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In the late 80s, Honda introduced one of the first modern production naked motorcycles. Though the Honda Hawk (also known as the N650GT) was not a commercial success, it went on to inspire more prevalent motorcycles like the Suzuki SV650N, and has become an absolute cult favorite. This specific Honda Hawk, a ’91 (the last year of American sales), has …

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Black and White – 1974 BMW R90/6 Hack

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The R90/6 was introduced to the world in 1974 and came out to instant acclaim from motorcycling magazines.  Cycle World stated, “The new BMW R90/6 is so exciting it’s difficult to find a point at which to begin describing it,” and other magazines has similar praise ready to go.  Providing a much needed bump in power from the R75/5, the extra 150cc …

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1989 Honda GB500 – The British Bike from Japan

In Cafe Racer, Japan by Abhi2 Comments

In the late 80s, Honda took a risk and sleeved down the motor from the popular XR600 dual-sport, prettied it up, and surrounded it with cafe-style bodywork evoking images of 60s British cafe racers. Only imported into the States from 1989-1990, the Honda GB500 was too slow for American tastes at the time and thus sold poorly.  It wasn’t cheap …

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1979 Yamaha SR500

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The Yamaha SR500 has been a popular bike for decades, due to clean styling and a reliable single-cylinder engine. These traits have also led this bike to be the base for thousands of custom works, including choppers, dirt-trackers, and cafe racers.

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2010 KTM RC8R

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KTM does not have much of a street presence in the United States – but with bikes like the RC8R it’s hard to understand why that’s the case. This distinctive-looking Superbike is full of high-end components and makes around 170hp.

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Clutchless – 2002 Ridley Speedster

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The Ridley Speedster was one of the few models from the now defunct Ridley Motorcycle Company.  Ridley was founded back in 1995 on the premise that no motorcycles at the time were available with an automatic transmission, and the hope was that removing shifting from the equation would make it easier for some individuals to get on a bike and …