Picture Intermission – 12-24 Saturday Ride

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Normally, us folks at Iconic do a ride on Sunday mornings with anyone that wants to join us. Seeing as past Sunday was Christmas, we gave our employees Saturday off…and then figured we should ride Saturday morning instead! We did the same for NYE, so now I finally have a few minutes to write up a post about it.

This was the first ride that my partner Adam has been able to join since he suffered a high side at our Laguna Seca track day a few months ago. He decided to take one of our RC45’s out for the day. I really love this bike because of the endurance-racer style modifications. I’ve taken it home a couple of times and it runs perfectly.

I was also on a V4, but with some Italian flavor. This is a 2017 Aprilia Tuono Factory that’s also part of Iconic’s inventory. The new Tuono is one of my favorite motorcycles of all time, though I do like the styling of the previous generation more, plus the 2017 version has all the good electronics updates and it’s got a flash of green in the tail so the livery is closer to the Italian tricolore.

We did our usual ride (from our shop to the Rock Store), and the weather was glorious.

The Rock Store was less busy than usual due to the holidays, but there were still some cool highlights:

Red White and Blue GSes everywhere!

Normally when I see “Repsol”, I think of Honda.

The amount of Harley’s I’m seeing nowadays with performance upgrades like Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes is getting staggering!

The coolest bike there was this Husqvarna supermoto.

We continued on to get some extra miles as it had been a while since Adam had gone out for a ride. The RC45 looks great stationary or in motion on Decker Canyon Road.

Unfortunately, I had to be back early so I ditched. Why? Because Vy and I are dogsitting for one of her friends – normally the dog stays home with Vy but today she was on set for a HBO show that she’s acting in. It’s a limited series adaption of a book called The Sympathizer, and she’ll be filming in Thailand for some time as well so I may have to fly out to see her and rent a bike, but that’s a story for another day. Back in reality, Vy had crated the dog at our place and I had to get back to him. Meet Waffles:

Later that evening, Vy would help Waffles get some exercise by putting around on the JDM version of a Kick ‘n’ Go that I just picked up.

What’s a Kick ‘n’ Go, you say? Glad you asked:

While running an errand that day, I met up with a Santa on a bike and had to get a photo.

Later, I found a Santa that drinks while riding. Bad Santa!

Yesterday, I went for a ride to ring in the New Year, but I took my BMW R100CS Last Edition instead:

Happy New Year!