Picture Intermission – 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Unveil

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You guys and gals seem to have a lot of interest in the new Kawasaki Z900RS, so I thought you might appreciate some additional photos from yesterday’s unveiling event. Kawasaki had us meet in Woodland Hills and then we took the long way to Malibu to see the newest addition to their US lineup. Oh yeah…and we got to ride with Eddie Lawson.

Photos by Julia LaPalme.

This is my “Oh my god, I’m riding next to Eddie Lawson” face.

The unveil was at a very fancy house in Malibu. I figured it’d be appropriate to bring a Kawi to the event, so I took the Ninja 1000 loaner I’m currently testing.

One of the first things I saw was a KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica. You can probably guess why. For more on the legendary ELR, check out this profile on Motorcyclist.

Considering this bike has been available all around the world for a year already, the black cover was a bit of a formality. Still, it’s part of the magic of an “unveiling”, right?


“What am I doing at a house this nice?”

Here’s a few miscellaneous shots for you:

Eddie gave a little speech…

…and then Kawasaki gave him a Z900RS Cafe!

A great way to spend a morning…just wish we got to ride the bike ourselves! Hopefully that will be coming soon.

For more pictures and specifications, head on over to the Kawasaki site! What do you think – does Kawasaki have a winner on their hands? I’d personally stick with the Z900RS, but I know a lot of people were hoping that Kawasaki would bring the cafe over. Now we get to see if they were just talk or if they’ll actually pony up the dough…