Picture Intermission – The BMW R68

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With less than 1,500 examples produced, the R68 is BMW’s rarest postwar motorcycle. Because of that, many riders don’t get the chance to enjoy one in person – so here’s the next best thing.

photo from http://bmwdean.com/r68.htm

I’ve featured Jeff Dean’s BMW site as a reference for several classic BMWs for sale, so you should be familiar with it. Jeff happens to own an immaculate 1954 R68 (which was restored by Tim Stafford and placed 2nd in the German motorcycle class at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance), and he’s got a bunch of great photos and information on it for you to enjoy here.

This bike-uriousity (and cover photo) brought to you by Jeff Dean!

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