Picture Intermission – The Motorcycles of Mad Max: Fury Road

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Earlier this week, I went the movie theater for the first time in over two years so that I could watch vehicular pornography called Mad Max: Fury Road. Don’t expect much of a story (but were you anyway?) and go enjoy an incredible visual feast. Run! Drop everything!

Ok, back? I’m sure you’re wondering what motorcycles were used in the filming, because if you’re like me, you now probably want to build your own version. Some of them (like the Gold Wing and older BMWs) were easy to identify as they were stationary for portions of the film. Others (lots of Yamaha and Gas Gas MX bikes) were constantly in motion, surrounded by dust clouds and yards of flame. Someone wonderful on Reddit’s r/motorcycles shared an album of all the bikes used in filming. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Mad Max 3

Mad Max 4

Mad Max 2

Now click here to see the rest!

And if you want to learn more about the cars used, check out this link on Bloomberg. I desperately want the one based on the ’59 Caddy.