Police Replica – 1967 Moto Guzzi V7

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Post Listing Update: This Guzzi did not get any interest at the opening ask of $10,500.

In 2009, the seller acquired this V7 from Bob Farris, a Moto Guzzi collector who had sourced the necessary items to create a Police replica but wasn’t able to complete all the work. Well, now it’s just about complete – everything is said to work except for the police radio, and the true mileage is unknown.

Highlights include a multitude of police parts/accessories – tank, speedometer, Prodel radio (electronics removed), leg shields, siren, paint job, lights, and more. The seller even has an authentic Italian Police uniform and helmet that he’s willing to sell separately. Spares include a tire, NOS windshield, two pairs of Dell’Orto SS carbs, and an extra tank.

If you’re interested in this bike, then the following video is well worth watching. It’s probably worth watching just to hear the siren go off at 1:45 and 2:05. Not sure why they added a song in the middle of it, though:

Find this Guzzi for sale in Davenport, Iowa with an unmet opening bid of $10,500

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