Production Racer – 1938 DKW SS 250

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Post-Listing Update: Despite 20 bids on eBay topping out at $72,655, this DKW SS 250 failed to meet reserve.

One of the most famous reverse-cylinder motorcycles of all time, the DKW SS 250 featured a “split-single” or “twingle” engine which had two pistons driven by a split con-rod. DKW used this technology in several bikes up to 500cc, but none might be as cool as this model, sold as a production racer supposedly offered at a loss. In 1938, the chassis was upgraded and all privateer bikes were distinguished from the factory race bikes with the black/red paint scheme.



The engine of this motorcycle (which was supercharged) is fascinating, and above my technical knowledge. All I can tell you with confidence is that by ’38, DKW rated the engine at 35 horsepower @ 7k rpm, which was good for a top speed of 110 mph. For a truly comprehensive read on DKW and the SS 250, check out this article from OddBike. To learn just about the engine, check out this article from Tread Life.

DKW SS 250 - Cockpit

This specific DKW SS 250 (VIN: 429365) was restored after the current seller bought in the 80s. It was then run (but not raced) at several AHRMA events, where other riders claimed it was so loud that they “experienced regular shock waves coming from the exhaust.”

DKW SS 250 - Left Side

Find this DKW SS 250 for sale in Marathon, Florida with bidding up to $15,655 and the reserve not yet met

DKW SS 250 - Right Side Tank

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