Rare German – 1982 BMW Krauser MKM 1000

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Post Listing Update: This Krauser did not get any interest at the opening ask of $28,000.

The Krauser name is best known for luggage, but in the early 80s Mike Krauser decided that he wanted to build a world-beating road bike. He started with his favorite road bike at the time, a BMW R100S, and then developed an incredible frame around the motor. The result was dubbed the Krauser MKM 1000, and it was a well-built exotic that would set you back a healthy $14,000.

The MKM was well received by the press thanks to unique style (like a purple frame!), excellent craftsmanship, and the fact that it put out more power than any production airhead at the time – 70 horsepower. The bump in power was due to optional proprietary Krauser 4 valve heads, but unfortunately they did not prove to be reliable over time. For more on this rare German, check out this great period review of the BMW Krauser MKM 1000 from Motocyclist back in 1980. It should be noted that in the review, they say that 100 examples would be built but it looks like almost 240 ended up in production.

This bike (VIN: W09KA4603CAMK1010) was actually just at the Quail, where I got a chance to briefly interview the owner. Video by Aaron Schasse:

This is bike #130 and the seller says it has 18,000 miles. It was restored with only OEM parts, and the work included a rebuilt motor/transmission, new clutch, and a reconditioned tank. The sale includes the original toolkit and some paperwork. The bike was last registered for the street in 2000 and is currently in a non-operational status with the California DMV. Find this BMW Krauser MKM 1000 for sale in Carmel Valley, California with an unmet opening bid of $28,000

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