Rare Project – 1962 Moto Parilla Wildcat Scrambler 250

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Post Sale Update: This Parilla sold for $3,150 after 24 bids on eBay in Orange, Connecticut.

Parilla was distributed in the US by Cosmopolitan Motors, and while the former had some success with a 175cc bike, Cosmopolitan asked for a 250cc engine. Parilla responded with their distinctive high cam motor from their Grand Sports road bike. At the time, this made Parilla’s competition in racing a Triumph Cub, and Parillas were winning handily.

MSRP at the time was about $1,000, double what you’d pay for the Triumph. This example has been sitting for several years, though the seller threw a new battery in it and had his pull him with a golf cart to bump start it (the kickstart shaft does not engage and he doesn’t have the kickstart lever). He said that it starts but the clutch doesn’t disengage so he “almost killed [him]self several times” and he’s decided to sell it. The reserve has been met at a low number and the sale includes an extra CEV speedometer and a NOS Dell’Orto carbs. It’ll need some work, but I think this is rare enough to justify the effort.

Find this Parilla for sale in Orange, Connecticut with bidding up to $1,323 and the reserve already met here on eBay.

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