Rare Project – 1970 Kawasaki Coyote

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The 60s and 70s were full of minibikes that were just motors, frames, and two tires. Who needs lights or a suspension? Here’s a rare example from the Japanese Big 4, the Kawasaki Coyote.

Sears motor in the bike while the original motor waits to be relevant again.

This example (VIN: XL755004592) has had some cosmetic work done but the motor situation is a letdown because the original motor and replaced with a Sears unit. Even then, the seller says “obviously I have never started the engine” as the bike is just doing display duty. The original 134cc 4-stroke Kawi motor is missing some parts, so here’s hoping the next owner is able to get it working and unify it with the frame again.

The seller clearly has a lot going on, but in his words “The bike is not finished and I am bored with it.”

Find this Coyote for sale in Sachse, Texas with bidding up to $860 and the reserve not yet met

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